Still Life Basics

Studio One – Big Sur presents
The Passion of Painting – Online with Erin

Still Life Basics – May 8 to June 5, 2017

Weekly Video Demos
“How To” Assignment Hand-outs
One on One Feedback
A supportive Creative Community

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Value | Color | Composition | Putting it all Together

The Value of a Value Study – observing the light on your subject is the basis of creating beautiful, dimensional painting.  Learn the classic oil painting technique of working dark to light, finding your shadows, and simplifying your range of lights and darks to capture the bones of the painting.

Mixing Color for Success – Even a limited selection of pigments can give you a wide range of gorgeous colors.  Erin’s personal method of color mixing takes you through the gamut of what is possible to create pleasing, harmonious color with exceptional luminosity.

Compelling Composition – Point of View,  Negative/Positive Space, Cropping and Overlapping.  Watch the process from beginning to end as Erin creates three thumbnails, two rough sketches, and a final painting, all with an eye to creating a beautiful and arresting image.

Putting it All Together – Value, Color, Composition, and more!  In this lesson, Erin begins at the beginning, taking you through all the elements previously covered, plus working with declarative brush strokes, working “fat over lean”, and working from the negative into the positive.

In your own time, at your own pace, in your own studio, join Erin in painting the still life.

Whatever your chosen subject and style, art begins with observation, and painting the still life is all about observation.

Workshop includes –

Online Videos – watch at your own time, as many times as you like.

Written Instructions – a “how to” guide on each lesson complete with materials list, art history tidbits, and on-topic tips.

Unlimited Feedback and Support – post your work online (Facebook or Email) and get one-on-one feedback from Erin.

A Creative Community – join our secret Facebook Group and share your work and thoughts with other workshop participants.