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February 11, 2017 –

March 4, 2017 –

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  1. Hi Erin,

    I love your work. Saw it at Nepenthe last week. Bought some Stormy Day cards to give and to have your website. I love the idea of a print of the month. Neither of the two up now are the perfect ones for me, but I have a spot for a large size print and am hoping that if I keep checking you will put the perfect one up.

    Also, I have never painted, but have always wanted to. Is there a good beginning workshop next year? Too busy for the rest of this year.

    Wishing you well, Susan

  2. Love your watercolor style. Interested in your local workshops as a beginning watercolorist.


    1. Hi Hank –

      Erin is teaching this week at Esalen for five days, and is planning a plein air painting workshop this summer “The Amazing Paintout”. While both of these workshops include elements of watercolor, neither is exclusively a watercolor workshop. I will forward your query to her. Thanks – Tom

    2. Hi Hank!
      Just a quick note to let you know – Erin will be teaching in Gualala May 3rd.
      She’ll be primarily working with acrylics, torn paper collage, and watercolor – with some other methods thrown up to keep it fun and lively. has the link.
      Be well!

  3. Hello Erin! I’m curious about an art & poetry workshop I saw mentioned on Patrice’s website for May 9th. Please can you tell me more? Thank you.
    Enjoy your day!
    With gratitude

  4. Dear Erin and Tom,
    please be so kind and add me to your newsletter email list because I´d loved to be informed about what´s going on with your art. Thank you very much. Love and Hugs, Karin

    1. We’re happy to put you on our mailing list – Best, Tom

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